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Dr. Cheri Moore, Ph.D., CBT, NLP Master, CDVC, Master Herbalist, Expert Level 3 Reiki Master, CDVC, CJC, CFC, CCFC, CCJC - Forensic Diplomate in Assessments and Evaluations


Dr Cheri Moore's counseling experience spans 20+ years in a variety of settings: churches, clinics, schools, private practice and a psychiatric hospital. She offers a wide variety of seminars on Christian Values and Christian Living. Dr. Moore has designed, coordinated and implemented programs addressing psycho-social rehabilitation, support groups, career counseling & placement assistance, Christian marriage counseling and development, and positive teen intervention groups. She has also provided assessments in the following areas: Neuropsychological health, Behavioral Health, Forensic, Personality, Cognitive, Intellectual, Ability/Achievement and Learning Assessments. Dr. Moore holds Certifications as a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Certified Forensic Counselor, and holds the Diplomate status in Forensic Assessments and Evaluation. She is recognized by the American College of Certified Forensic Counselors.

Dr. Moore has had the opportunity to be involved in many different businesses. She is a true Entrepreneur. In a crowded marketplace of ideas, it is important for organizations to establish a well-defined niche. While most are not selling products, they are selling their organization's mission, their ideas, their programs, and their services. In a world where everyone is inundated with information, a strong image is the key to community awareness. Developing and maintaining a visible and credible identity through marketing will increase local support for your organization. Dr. Cheri Moore offers a unique blend of Psychology, Marketing and Public Relations, Political Science and Excellence in all aspects of Business Acumen.

Dr. Cheri Moore: Is the Motivational Speaking Company that offers Keynote Addresses, Seminars, Trainings, Conferences and Workshops on a wide variety of Topics: Writing, Travel, Economic Stress, Business /Team Building, Communication, Marketing, Internet Development, Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Travel Tourism and Hospitality Excellence, Planning, Motivational Seminars to lift the mood and productivity level of Staff …

Dr. Cheri Moore is the planner for her seminars. She always comes from a Psychological Perspective that is inspirational and fun for all. Dr Moore has taught over 5000 seminars and has Authored 125 books on a various subjects; including a Children series of Leadership books.

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Available for Keynotes and Motivational Seminars on Health, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, Business On And Offline, Consulting and Counseling,

Published Author with over 125 Books.




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